Charity Tips

Stuck on ideas for how to get the most out of your fundraising activities? We have compiled a list of ideas and tips on how to structure your fundraising:

Have an activity that incorporates some fun – for example place tickets with prize descriptions in balloons and have guests purchase a balloon. They get to pop the balloon to find out their prize – or if you have the space set the balloons up on a board for guests to throw darts at.

Create a challenge that will stimulate your guests competitive side – for example place a bottle of scotch on the ground and have guests toss a gold coin towards it. Whoever gets their coin the closest wins the bottle. Guests will love the challenge and you get to keep the gold coins!

Have an activity that entices audience participation. For example, place prizes in envelopes and sell the envelopes to guests but no one can open their envelope until all of them are sold (this makes people feel guilty if they don’t buy one). This works particularly well if you have a major prize as people know the odds. For example if you have a holiday to give away you might sell 50 envelopes and people know they have a 1 in 50 chance. All other envelopes can have a nominal prize such as a bottle of wine, gift voucher etc.

Don’t forget to speak to your event specialist as well – The Epping Club may be able to donate a prize for your event or can also assist you in applying to council for club grants to help your fundraising. 

Following is a list of things to think about when designing your event:

  • Would your guests prefer a lower ticket price and then purchase their beverages on the night or would it better to have an all-inclusive ticket price so that on the night the only money they need is fundraising?
  • Make sure formalities stop for food service so that guests have some time to relax with their friends and family and enjoy their meal.
  • Don’t pack too much into your agenda – it is imperative your event runs on schedule!
  • Make sure that if you tug on people’s heart strings before asking for money – show images of the cause you are raising money for; or have a guest speaker that can talk from the heart about the importance of where the money raised will be spent.