Corporate Tips

Ensuring you get the most out of your guests at a conference is paramount to its success. We have developed a list of things you should consider to ensure that your guests are comfortable and able to participate effectively in your event:
  • Do my guests need tables to be able to take notes?
  • Should I provide pads and pens?
  • Will my guests likely have laptops or tablets that will need internet and power access?
  • Is there natural light in the room which needs to be considered if my guests need to see a data screen?
  • Is there enough time in the day for breaks to allow my guests the opportunity to check in with their office or emails?
  • Have I allowed enough time for each section of the day so that my guests can ask questions and interact with the presenters?
  • Do I want my guests to network with each other? Are my breaks long enough to allow this to happen and also leave enough time for eating, bathroom breaks and checking phones and emails?
  • Do I need to provide for any special dietary requirements
  • Is there enough variety in my menu to accommodate common dietary requirements such as gluten free and vegetarian?
  • Does my menu reflect my conferences core values? For example, if I am speaking about healthy lifestyle choices I would need to make sure I am serving healthy food items.
  • Are my menu selections substantial enough? Guests tend to get hungrier and eat more at conferences so the catering breaks are popular!
  • Do I need to provide my own laptop? If I am using the venues laptop, can I send my presentation ahead of time to ensure it is loaded and works on their system?
  • Do all guests have unobstructed views of the screen? If the room is large, can the guests at the back read the font?
  • Am I able to arrive early and do a practice run on the microphone so I know how close I need to stand?

Have you considered adding in any of the following elements to your event to really enhance your guests experience:

  • Charge bar – hire in a stand that has all common phone and tablet chargers available so your guests can charge their phone during the breaks
  • IML Handsets – a great interactive tool where guests can respond to survey questions during the presentation and submit questions to your presenters
  • Build your own menu – have a catering station for lunch where guests can interact with a chef and build their own pizza, burger, sandwich, pasta or stir fry