The event was FANTASTIC! Thank you so very much Adele for all your hard work and effort to make the evening for our girls so wonderful. They had a ball! And loved every minute. 

As per usual the room looked amazing, the food was great, Robert was just the best and Zoe, well she looked after us so very well.

I must also say that your two security guards, they were both amazing, very professional and new exactly what we wanted.  

The room reveal was just great, the girls were so excited when the doors opened to show the large dance floor, photobooth and the amazing dessert and lolly bar!



Thank you Adele & Robert for all your efforts in making the Tara Year 10 formal a success.

We could not have done it without you! I have no doubt we will be re-booking for next year as soon as possible.

We had an absolutely wonderful night and were very appreciative of all that The Epping Club did for our event.
A huge thank you to Robert who made extremely last minute changes as smooth as possible.
Zoe also looked after us on the night and made sure any small quirks were supported in the subtlest way possible.

The evening was fantastic and a very big thank you to Robert who was extremely helpful as were his team.

The food was delicious and the whole evening ran very smoothly.
Thank you also for the drinks and canapes served to our staff in the private boardroom prior to the event commencing at 6:30 pm.  The staff really enjoyed this, it was a lovely way to start the evening.
Thank you Adele  for all organisation, assistance and planning to make our evening so pleasurable.


The food was spectacular. The pork belly was melt in the mouth and the crackling was 10 out of 10.

The Duck Ravioli was fantastic too.

The beef cheeks were honestly the best beef cheeks I have ever tried.

Robert and Zoe were fantastic. They looked after me extremely well and this allowed me to stay calm and just get the job done. They both really went above and beyond and it is a pleasure for me to work with them. I don’t know what I would do without them!

The lighting and AV requirements were spot on and it was excellent to get such calm and professional assistance from Ashleigh.


Thank you Adele for all your help in  making this event a success.

A big thank you to Robert and his team who were brilliant on the day. His team were all a pleasure to work with, from the set up, through to support and service.

Hats off to Chef Min and his team, as everyone I spoke to loved the food; well presented and delicious.

The event was lovely, the food was lovely.

Thanks to the team once again for all their hard work in putting our event together, you guys make it so easy!

Our event was an absolute success.

Thank you to Adele and Robert for everything, and how you made everything so seamless on the night.

Thank you so much for another fantastic Year 10 semi-formal. Zoe was so helpful and friendly.

Thank you so much for the organisation of our dinner.

Your staff were impeccable and worked very hard and the timing was great.

The food was delicious.


It was lovely as always and the room looked so good in the black! Loved the chairs too, very comfy

Everything went really smoothly, the staff were lovely, in particular Rob and Ashleigh both were really helpful, Rob as always but I don’t think I had met Ashleigh before but she was great!

Food was fantastic, I had the Oreo Cheesecake and it was amazing!

Thank you for all your work once again in helping us put it all together!

Thanks, it was a fantastic night. The room was amazing - the kids and staff were all very impressed with how special it looked. All of the AV equipment worked really well. The space was perfect. Matt was really helpful and ran us through everything we needed to know. We met up with Robert a little bit later in the evening. We were all very impressed. A few of the staff commented that they felt like they were at a wedding. Some of the older siblings felt like they had been hardly done by because they didn’t get to use such a nice venue. Thank you for all your time and effort to make the night so special.

Everyone really enjoyed the Christmas dinner.  The room was wonderful and really nicely decorated thanks and the food was terrific.  All feedback was very positive.  We will definitely think about booking for next year’s Christmas party.

Just wanted to say thank you for organising the Year 6 Graduation last Tuesday night. Everything went smoothly and both students and their parents had a great night. All the feedback was positive. Thanks also to Robert for coordinating on the actual night, he and Josh were very helpful.

Just wanted to say a big thank you for all your help organising the formal last night. The night was a huge success and the kids had an amazing time.

Please pass on my thanks to Robert as well. He was there for everything question and everything we needed!

I would like to thank you and your amazing staff for an absolutely fantastic evening last night. Robert and Zoe were so warm and kind and helpful and made us feel very welcome. 


The room was beautifully decorated, the food was really lovely, and Daniel our DJ was so very accommodating. The students really loved the photo booth and photo studio that were set up, and they kept saying all evening, and again today, how much they enjoyed the night.

I would like to say what a beautiful night it was last night for the girls and their partners, I’d like to thank you for putting on such a fantastic show for the girls they love it.

Must add a thank you to all the staff at the Epping club, they were very professional and helpful which made for a great night. Really appreciate your guidance and help for the last few months.

Thank you Sara. The kids said they had a great time all over social media, they loved it. Thank your staff for their thoroughly professional help, the rest was great and music was fantastic, everyone loved it.

Hi Sara, I would like to pass on the thanks of myself, the chaperones and all students for a wonderful formal. The venue, DJ, Photo set up, food and staff was magnificent.

I would recommend The Epping Club to anyone who was looking for a venue to hold a function. Thank you for all your help and patience.

Thanks so much for checking in, the night was an absolute success. All the kids were really well behaved and had a wonderful time. The food was great, the extras like DJ and photography were fantastic. 

I really can’t praise you guys enough, the night was so smooth, Robert was awesome and I guess the main thing is the kids loved it. Thanks for all your help and patience.

Everything went fantastically! We were so happy with your venue and your staff. All the feedback from the girls and the Tara staff were positive too. They especially enjoyed the drinks and canapes on arrival.

Thank you so much for helping organise such a great event. We would love to roll over our booking next year if possible.

It was a wonderful evening and all went very well. The food, service and venue were all fantastic and much enjoyed by parents, students and staff.


Thank you so very much for all you did with organising the evening. I appreciated it so much.

Wednesday night went extremely smoothly.


The food was wonderful. The mains, in particular, had absolute rave reviews and this time both the chicken and the steak were very popular. Particular favourite comments were the mashed potato that was served with the chicken and the way the steak was cooked. Please pass on very positive feedback to Nick and the rest of the catering staff.


Sean who helped me set up all the AV was fantastic. I would really like him to get a pat on the back/some positive feedback. He had the most amazing patience to set everything up and really went above and beyond, even installing Spotify on my laptop so that I could play a nice play list and then taught me how to use it! Please thank him from me.


Robert was amazing as always and was never too far away always keeping an eye out for everything that was going on. Whenever there was a query or something happening, I would only turn around and he seemed to pop up! Please say a big thank you to Robert.


I also really wanted to thank Zoe. She was so caring and thorough always checking that everything was going okay and asking if I needed anything. On a stressful night like the Valedictory Dinner, to be looked after by the staff so well makes such a huge difference.


Last but most certainly not least I wanted to thank YOU. I absolutely love working with you. I love your efficiency, attention to detail, timely responses, care, concern and just everything! You and your whole team do an amazing job. Thank you Sara for everything!!!

Thank you so much for all your assistance with the planning and implementation of our Graduation Dinner.

The evening went off very well, Robert and his team were very helpful and professional. A number of staff and parents have commented that it was a great night and it did appear to have been enjoyed by all who attended.


All the helpers on this year's committee and I have now completed our time at Epping Boys but I am sure that they would happily recommend you to others planning an event.

Sara, to reiterate my phone call, can I give an absolutely phenomenal review to you and your organisation and your staff for the effort put in on the night!


Staff, parents and students gave 10/10 rave reviews about how much fun they had. The DJ was spot on with the music, throughout the evening, the dance floor was constantly packed, it was a great size and the photographers were excellent! The food was lovely, great timing, great servings, and I know we squeezed the photo booth in the corner but it was perfect to have inside the room!


Can't wait for next year!!!!

Thank YOU again :)

Event went really well. Robert was fantastic as usual and he is just so calm and nothing is ever too much of a problem!


Everyone had a good time and we’ve received positive comments from the parents as well. 

So thank you to you all Sara and your team for another fantastic night!


You guys always do an incredible job!



The night was a huge success!


A big thank you to you Sara and your staff for making the event a very memorable one! 

The room looked amazing, the food was delicious and the staff were very helpful and professional!

The evening was a huge success made even more so due to the once again incredible, amazing, without equal in this universe service of Robert.  This man is a miracle worker and we love him….

Happy Debutantes and Parents are the measure of the success of the night and they were all very happy and sincerely appreciative of the dedication and service of your team.

The evening was a great success with much positive feedback.

Everything went very smoothly and without a hitch.


I must compliment your staff who were very attentive and looked after every detail.

My thanks to you too Sara for all your assistance with the organisation.

Thank you for hosting our end of year function. It was just perfect!

I have to send my compliments to the Chef. His careful preparation and delivery of our selected menu impressed all at the event.
Just delicious!!

I certainly did not receive any negative feedback. 

May I also mention Zoe, who looked after us impeccably.

So, thank you again Sara for providing us with the perfect way to end our school year. 

We have nothing but positive feedback for your staff and venue.


James was very helpful and the food was delicious.


We had a wonderful night and everything went exactly to plan.


The room looked beautiful and the food was delicious.


Thanks to Robert for overseeing everything on the night, but a special mention must go to James who was on hand at all times to help us with anything we needed.


The most important thing is that the kids had a wonderful night and have many memories to carry forward.

I would like to thank you for a wonderful evening. The food was plentiful and amazing!! Natasha was fantastic in making sure students with dietary requirements were looked after and Jamie was always asking if I needed anything. The service was outstanding! 

The venue looked great and we all had a ball. 
The night was fabulous. 

Robert Roth and the whole staff looked after us so well. We loved the room as the photo booth and photographer were all inside so it was very contained. 

Both the students and teachers had a fabulous time!


We were so pleased with the event.


Your help in preparing the day was much appreciated and I ask that you give a special thank you to Zoe and the team. Zoe was just so helpful, flexible and professional in every area. Every aspect of the lunch, drinks, music, speeches  etc ran very smoothly thanks in large part to the way she worked with us.  



We very much appreciate your support and organisation for our social.

Everything went off without a hitch and the students and teachers had a fantastic time.


The food was excellent and the service exceptional. The photography and music was great, too!


The room looked awesome - the social committee were really impressed, so thank you for your expertise in this area. 

Could you also pass this "thank you" on to Robert and to Zoe who looked after us all night. Both were very attentive and professional and we are grateful for their hard work.

Thank you Sara, it was fantastic.
The food, the décor, the music, the ambience etc.
The students and staff were really happy.

The formal was wonderful and as always Sara.

First and foremost I just wanted to thank you Sara and Robert for looking after us before the formal.


The DJ was fantastic. We have had Daniel before and I think he is awesome. Played a fabulous mix of tracks and was so obliging with any requests that the students and staff had. 10 out of 10.


The staff service on the night was excellent. 


Robert is a gem. He is so good at his job and he truly looks after every detail and remembers things we like/dislike from previous functions. I am really grateful for Robert’s excellent work and I ask that you please thank him from me. I feel very confident with our functions when Robert is looking after them because he always seems to be there at the exact moment that something needs to be dealt with. Thank you Robert!


The photo booth was an absolute hit. 

The service of espresso coffee/tea to staff was a lovely touch.


Last but most certainly not least is this wonderful staff member by the name of Sara! Thank you for your quick responses, your assistance with every tiny request I send through, your efficient and accurate organisation and for always looking after us.


You and your team are just wonderful.

I would just like to say a massive thank you Sara for everything. Last night was amazing for the kids. The room looked gorgeous and the food was great.


Feedback from the kids is they all had such a great time. 


A massive shout out to Robert and his team, they were all so professional and couldn't do enough for us. The security guards also did a great job and were very friendly. 

Thanks again!

I just wanted to thank you Sara and your team for all their effort with the Leaders Workshop and the parent dinner last night.  It was a wonderful evening.

In particular, I would like to thank Robert, Matthew and Kristiane. The three of them went out of their way to ensure that the day and evening ran smoothly. They could not do enough to assist and make certain that everything was perfect.

Thanks again for all your support and care with the arrangements.

Thank you Sara and your staff for another wonderful event!


Everything was fabulous!  

The food was great, the back room worked really well for the dancers and then again when it was opened up with the photobooth.

Everything was amazing once again! Please pass on my thanks to your team!

A huge thank you to you Sara and the team.


The night was a HUGE success.


Please thank Robert and Zoe for their extreme professionalism.

Sara, I cannot thank you and your team enough for helping to make our Reunion such a huge success!

Everyone raved on the night about everything being fantastic and there wasn't one person who didn't have a great night.

It all ran so smoothly - I cannot praise Matt and Zoe highly enough. They looked after us all SO well.

The food also made a great impact! Everyone said it was delicious and there was loads to choose from!

Honestly, Sara, I cannot praise you, the staff or The Club highly enough!

Sara, we had a wonderful night.


Everyone enjoyed themselves and we are all very happy with how it turned out. 

Sara, it was amazing!

Thanks so much to you and your staff - all went smoothly.

The kids danced the whole night, the teachers were happy!

Thanks again for all your hard work - it was PERFECT!


The night was… PERFECT!!


We were thrilled with the whole evening.


Service of alcohol was timely and very well looked after.


Robert was wonderful and I really felt that he was looking after the function very well and he looked after me so well. Whenever I needed him for a query or a question, he was always right there and this made it so much easier. Please thank him once more from me!


The meals received very positive comments.


All of the Epping Club staff were very courteous, polite, happy and helpful. I was very impressed by them all. 


Last but not least… YOU Sara – It is very obvious and clear to me that your attention to detail and amazing leadership and management skills are why things just continue to improve.


Sara, I would like to thank you and your fabulous team for a fantastic effort.


Please extend my thanks to all of your team, they were wonderful.


Firstly thank you so much Sara for your assistance in organising the evening, it was a pleasure working with you.


Secondly, please pass on thanks to the staff on the night. Zoe was absolutely fantastic. She was helpful and accommodating of any requests and was a delight to speak to. Her staff were constantly on the move and making sure that everything was running smoothly.


I have had some wonderful comments back from members of the Class as to how much they enjoyed themselves.

It went extremely well! Everything was fabulous Sara, everything flowed really well.


The two photobooths worked really well.

Robert and Harry were both amazing, they had everything under control and took care of everyone really well. Food was delicious too!

The entertainers were amazing, they were such a hit, all the girls were up dancing and so were the dads, I’ve never seen the dance floor so packed for such a length of time. Thank you for taking care of them, I think they really appreciated the set up in the board room.

Thank you for everything and all your work on it Sara, it was really smooth sailing and everyone had positive feedback!

Thanks so much Sara, we had a brilliant evening! Everything was perfect! Loved the new upgrades and decore! 
The room looked beautiful, the  service was impeccable and the communication great.
Also the students and staff were particularly impressed with the DJ as well.
The Dinner/Dance was absolutely wonderful and the girls loved it! You have done a magnificent job with the venue and it looked spectacular….loved the navy and silver! Your staff was very helpful, took care of anything for us and we do appreciate it all such a lot.

Just a heads up for you…we are planning the next one for 2017! So…you can already pencil us in.

Thanks again for all your support.

How amazing is Robert and what I now fondly refer to as his A Team!!

Please extend my deepest and most heartfelt thanks to Robert and his Team that with such excellence, delivered a memorable Debutante Ball.  


Nothing and I mean nothing escaped Roberts attention. I have had a few calls this morning from parents wanting us to know how much they enjoyed the night and I have told them in no uncertain terms that the College is able to accomplish events like these because we have experts working with us.

Thanks a million

The students had a great night and we were very pleased with the way you and your team coordinated everything. The food was good and your security staff and waiters/ waitresses did a great job too. The DJ that was assigned to us was also excellent. Our Principal was also very happy with everything.

Thank you so much for your help and support for the semi-formal last night. Everyone had a great time and the guests with special dietary requirements were very well looked after. The food was great and was circulated very well.

Thank you once again for making the experience stress free and easy.
Thanks again for the wonderful lunch our group enjoyed yesterday. Your work before the event was so helpful and Christine’s work before and during the lunch was outstanding, as was the part played by all the staff.
The evening was wonderful. Thank you to all your wonderful staff on the night. Would love to book in 2016.
The formal was fantastic thanks to your team efforts. Specially the way you looked after the special diets was fantastic. Everyone had a good time. The students and staff were very positive about the whole event.
We were most impressed by the décor, service, photo booth ( what a hit) DJ ( mega hit) and food.

So thank you and your staff for making this a memorable night for all.

Even a last minute request for a screen was delivered.
Absolutely excellent. Everyone here raving about it. The staff were again impressed. The kids had a ball. Thank you so much.
We are now looking forward to next year
Thankyou for a fantastic evening. Your management of our Social was amazing and had ensured a trouble-free event. Staff and students have passed on positive comments throughout the evening.
Please pass on my congratulations and thanks to Robert , security, DJ, and the waitering staff.
Thank you so much for all your organisation last night, I had such a good time, everything went perfectly! I loved the food very much and the set up was so elegant and all the students told me how they liked it too. The DJ was amazing as well and so were the security and Stacey on the night.
We are sure that you have been wondering how our formal went on Saturday night and we are happy to report that it was a complete success! It looked like the kids had an awesome time. We have received a lot of very positive feedback from the kids and their parents.

We were very impressed with everything on the night. The décor, food, DJ, photobooth were all excellent. Robert and all the waitstaff were very helpful. Please pass our thanks on to Robert, he was wonderful.

Finally, a very big thank you to you Sara for the wonderful job you did organising our formal. We really do appreciate all your efforts.
Last night went well, as always. I love working with your staff and with you of course and it makes my job so much easier and less stressful.
We had a great evening, thankyou.
Robert was excellent to deal with, please thank him as he was very obliging
First off I would like to say thank you so much for everything that you did helping myself, Lauryn and Libby with the Year 10 Formal. Everyone had a fabulous time and the food was excellent!!
Special thanks to Robert for all his help on the night I only had to ask a member of staff for him and within minutes he was there!
I will be totally recommending you and The Epping Club for any type of function, you guys were fantastic!
Was really good to see that Asquith Girls High School Students were so well behaved.
Again thank you so much for all your effort
The night was fantastic. Your staff as always were so accommodating. Thank you for all your work, it is an absolute joy to be working with the Epping and coordinating with you. Everything was great!