Why is everyone in events obsessed with live streaming right now?

Why is everyone in events obsessed with live streaming right now?

Live streaming is no longer a question for your event, it’s a big-brand expectation.

Live streaming has been now been wholly embraced by consumers and event operators alike. It’s a contemporary and engaging way to market your event or featured products, create buzz and allow attendees to share the experience for those who didn’t make it to site.

Previously event operators held concerns that live streaming could cannibalise event sales, but the evidence is now firmly dictating that ‘sharing is caring’ – and promoting! Live streaming is no longer a trend, it’s an expected standard in corporate event execution.

There’s no such thing as over-share anymore

Modern life says we love to share event experiences on social media. From checking in to video snippets, this is day-to-day behaviour. Whilst it was previously expensive to record and then publish event content, live streaming is now highly affordable and in many event sectors actually expected.

Whether the event is shared on Periscope, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube Livestream or other platforms, live streaming is a powerful tool when harnessed correctly. With the power of live streaming everyone is a publisher and your event content is reaching further and being more amplified than ever before.

Re-thinking the way we execute events

Live streaming video is reinventing the way brands think about marketing and events. Live video is already becoming an essential marketing tool that can help brands and events grow rapidly and significantly.

If you’re looking to what your competitors are doing, research says brands are more willing to invest in live video more than ever: a 2017 study conducted by Brandlive and IBM reported that
  • 95% of respondents shared that live video will be an important part of their 2018 marketing mix
  • with 25% stating that “live content will be a top priority, edging out pre-recorded video”
  • Over 50% said that their budgets for live content will increase compared to prior year
Whether it’s your brand message being shared or #FOMO being created for those who’ve missed out, Live Streaming is a tool every event organiser should be considering in 2019.

Cisco predicts that by the year 2021 video will account for 82% of all internet traffic, and live video will account for 13% of all internet video traffic by 2021. In case thirteen percent doesn’t sound like much, just keep in mind that even today, about half a million hours of video content is uploaded every day to YouTube alone.

If you want to live stream your next event there’s a few different options:
  • Live stream yourself for a casual, ineffective solution
  • Rely on attendees or influencers to live stream for you
  • Appoint a 3rd party to live stream on your behalf

Whatever you choose don’t miss out on the buzz and amplified messaging that live streaming can bring to your next event! Just add free WIFI and you’re good to go.