21 ideas to enhance your 21st birthday party! Part 2

21 ideas to enhance your 21st birthday party! Part 2

When you’re planning a 21st it’s often during a busy year of partying. All your friends are likely turning 21 as well and it can often be a period of back to back celebrations. Whilst this is great for your social life it can also mean added pressure when it comes to your own special night. How do you make your celebration special? What will make your party memorable? Here’s 10 more tips to take your 21st to legendary level!

12. Keep the speeches to a minimum
The truth is that speeches can be kind of dull. They run to long. People don’t prepare. Some people are inappropriate. They can be filled with inside jokes. All factors that can make the formalities really drag. Choose the minimum number of speeches possible. As the people to be only a few minutes each. Sure – they’re necessary but a quick speech is a good speech! (Trust us, we’ve heard them all!)

13. Run a photo slide show all night
Forget the photo collage stuck on some cardboard at the back of the room – that’s so 2015! If your 21st venue has large AV screens (at The Epping Club we have three enormous screens) you can run a photo presentation all night. Your guests will love seeing all those old pictures in lifesized glory!

14. Have a photo strategy
Everyone carries a phone now so events are never short of images! If you’re relying on friends to share their pictures using a hashtag is a great way to keep track of all the files. If budget stretches to it a photographer is a great investment, even if you only have them for a minimum three hour booking you’ll never regret having beautiful images (that you don’t have to beg your friends to share) of your 21st birthday!


15. Surprise the crowd with special effects
Mist the dance floor with dry ice or impress your guests with pyrotechnics or fire tricks! Yes, they need to be organised by a professional but these are the details that make your party memorable!

16. Have your own party snapchat filter
Forget the Instaframe that’s totally done. The coolest kids on the block have their own birthday Snapchat filter. It’s super easy to do for about $15. Here’s an example you can buy from Etsy.

17. Ask the Chef to give you some next level ideas
Great events Chefs love to think outside the box. If you’ve a grand idea, ask your venue if they can accommodate it. From beverage twists like these adorable fairy floss topped bubbles to a speciality dessert item those little special touches add a whole lot of wow factor! If the in-house Chef can’t do them your Event Coordinator will be able to advise you of a supplier who can from their personal network of contacts.


18. Go big or go home – decorations!
How much decoration you’ll want is entirely up to you! When it comes to party styling, right now, more is more! The upside to choosing a grand venue is that the more impressive the space the less décor you really need. Of course, if you want to really go for it – please do!

19. Midnight Snacks
If your party is running late offering late night food is fun touch that brings whimsy – as well as relief to those who’ve been enjoying the signature cocktail with enthusiasm. There’s plenty of ideas from hot chips to pizza, mini sliders to milk & cookies but our personal favourite is definitely the donut wall. It’s fun, it’s colourful and there’s so much Insta value in donuts!


20. Lighting
If you want your party to have that five-star, celebrity feel lighting is an important aspect to consider. Some venues (like The Epping Club) have advanced lighting systems that will allow you to have special colour washes and add depth and glamour to your event. If you want something even more dramatic Event Stylists can work with you for roving effects, uplighting and even a spotlight to your stage.

21. Arrive be helicopter. Or motorbike. Or… just make an arrival
You’re the guest of the hour. The star of the show. Make a grand entrance to your own special night in a show stopping vehicle. Go on, this is your very own celebrity moment!

Contact the dedicated staff at The Epping Club now and start planning a 21st birthday celebration you will never forget!