Planning a large wedding in Sydney’s North West

Planning a large wedding in Sydney’s North West

Tips to stay organised!

Are you planning a large wedding in Sydney’s North West?

Weddings are magical, and planning them is half the fun! But let’s be honest, organising a wedding with a large guest list can be a daunting task.

 Even the most relaxed Bride to be could find herself becoming overwhelmed with the never-ending checklist that accompanies the planning of a large scale wedding!

The good news? A well planned strategy can help you to create the large wedding of your dreams – minus the stress induced meltdowns.

Read our tips for ideas on how to make your workload more manageable, and arrive at the alter in one piece for your big day!

A timeline of events

When you’re planning a large wedding, a simple checklist simply won’t suffice. What you need is a comprehensive month by month planner. For example you will need ample time for booking a venue in advance, so that will be allocated as far in advance as possible. Prioritise your tasks accordingly, right up until the big day.

A never ending checklist can send brides running for the hills; break it down into more manageable segments and no hill will seem insurmountable!

Delegate your tasks

You know those bridesmaids you recruited? It’s time to put them to work! In fact, now is the time to be calling in favours from all of your nearest and dearest (including the Groom!)

Trusted friends and family members can help you tackle that list, one tick at a time. While some things can only be decided by you, there are a number of smaller tasks that are best delegated to someone with more time on their hands.

You want to be a happy bride, not a harried one. Focus your attention on the big decisions like venues and dresses, and leave things like invitations and party favours to someone else.

Just be sure to give your delegates a deadline…and your heartfelt thanks when the job is done!

Large wedding venue specialists

The venue is one of the most important consideration when you’re planning a large wedding in Sydney’s North West.

Finding a suitable venue that can cater to your large guest list is essential; nothing kills a wedding more than a room that is cramped and overcrowded.

Not only will your ideal venue have the space to accommodate your large wedding; they will also have the experience that is required to ensure smooth operations on your big day.

All-inclusive package deals are a fabulous way of taking care of your entire reception checklist. They usually include food, beverages, chair covers, flowers, DJ and bridal table candelabras.

A wedding coordinator should be available to assist you with all the venue and reception planning, ensuring every detail is taken care of on the day.

The Epping Club – for your large wedding in Sydney’s North West!

At The Epping Club, we pride ourselves on our exquisite surroundings and superb food! Our 5 star venue specialises in large weddings, and our staff take great pleasure in providing an unrivalled service to help make your dreams for your big day come true!

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Lunchtime Wedding at The Epping Club
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