Choosing your event food is an important decision! Not only must it taste delicious, but it should also look amazing! Exceptional events catering is a meeting of the taste buds and the eye! At The Epping Club we are passionate about quality, seasonal food and this approach is seen in every spoonful.

At The Epping Club we understand that the food you choose reflects you as the event host and that’s why, right down to every garnish, we know your selected dishes must be perfect. Our menus have been carefully planned to meet a vast taste point but also ensure that every dish can be executed consistently and on time.

The Epping Club has a full scale events kitchen that is under the management of our experienced Head Chef. Producing all our food in house means we can cater to your specific needs but also meet any special requests. With an emphasis on first class cuisine and our five-star service, you’ll savour every bite.