Safe School Formals in the Hills District

Safe School Formals in the Hills District

What to Look For as a Parent or School!

Your child has worked hard at school over the years. As the end of the school life looms they deserve to be rewarded and celebrate this truly special milestone in their life! What better way than at their own school formal? School formals are a chance for students, parents and teachers to bask in their achievements and mark the true end of a childhood era. Even as pour children grow, safety is still a priority for parents and school formals need to be the perfect combination of security and organisation to ensure that it is a magic event to be enjoyed by all.

If you’re helping to organise a school formal event, or just want to ensure your child is safe while having a good time at the venue they are attending, here’s a checklist to explore. A happy formal is a safe formal.

The venue should be safe but also stylish and sophisticated

A school formal must be safe – but also in an environment that’s worthy of a glamorous occasion. The Epping Club provides a secure and responsive environment for a school formal but delivers on the ‘grown up’ sophistication that school leavers crave as part of their end of year celebrations!

The venue should not serve alcohol
Alcohol at school formals can cause a myriad of issues. Look for a school formal venue that strictly serves no alcohol to anyone, regardless of their age. The venue will strongly follow the Responsible Service of Alcohol regulations. This will avoid students trying to ‘sneak’ alcohol from adults and will also mean both children and adults will be able to travel to and from the venue safely and alcohol-free. Venues that serve a great range of mocktails and soft drink offer a suitable, yet ‘fun’ alternative to alcohol and remove the worries associated with under age drinking and intoxication.

The venue should be easy to access
Venues that are in a remote location can make it harder and more expensive for limousines and car access. Choose a venue that is accessible via car, taxi or public transport to allow children to safely travel to and from the venue. On-site parking is also handy and safe to those attending the event inside. A local venue reduces travel costs, removes the temptations of the CBD and means your children are more likely to make it home easily and safely post event.

The venue should have appropriate security
Regardless of whether there is alcohol present, security is still an essential at safe school formals. Appropriate security may be on the door or inside the event, ensuring only those on the guest list are allowed to attend. Security may also keep their eyes out for any outside influences or sneaking in of alcohol or other prohibited items into the school formal.

You can still have all the sought after glitz and glamour of a five star school formal without compromising safety or fun! The Epping Club is a leading Sydney school formal venue that can ensure this.

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