21 ideas to enhance your 21st birthday party! Part 1

21 ideas to enhance your 21st birthday party! Part 1

At The Epping Club, we’ve hosted thousands of Sydney 21st birthday parties. Dare we say we are Sydney’s 21st birthday party experts?!

Aside from a fabulous venue, proximity to transport, great food and free-flowing drinks, we know what’s the difference between a good and great celebration. Here’s our in-house Event Coordinators advice on how to make your 21st birthday party the best event around! 

1. Be organised
If you want all your family and friends to celebrate with you, give them plenty of notice to be able to come. Informing your guest at least a month in advance will mean all your crew are more likely to make it!

2. Set the tone with an awesome invitation
Sure, a social media announcement is great but a real invitation builds excitement. Choose something that suits your party’s overall look and feel and set the tone for the night ahead.

Image Credit: Kristina Evstifeeva

Image Credit: Kristina Evstifeeva

3. Have a theme
Some people love fancy dress or colour concept parties – some don’t! Even if you’re having a party without an announced theme still decide a few parameters to help guide you as you plan. Even if its navy and silver, luxe gold or simply rustic, a theme will make your whole event have greater cohesion from beginning to end.

4. Stipulate a dress code
Having a dress code (even if its ‘smart casual’) makes planning for your event more stress free for your guests. On the flipside if your event is ‘red carpet’ (or anything else fun or with a twist!) a dress code can add to the excitement and sense of occasion.

5. Have a signature cocktail plus your standard drinks package
It’s bang on trend and means your venue can pre-prepare the drink for vast consumption! Having just one designated cocktail also minimises wastage from those who want to drink through the whole cocktail menu! Bonus, it’s also nostalgic to think in future years you can always order an Aperol Spritz with fond memories of your 21st!

Image Credit: Jeremy Wong Weddings

6. Music is everything make a playlist in advance – don’t rely on anything less! Downtime is a dance floor killer.

7. Music is everything (ii)
If budget permits get a DJ. Nothing gets the party started more than a fabulous DJ.

Image Credit: Sincopa Trio

8. Music is everything (iii)
The hottest DJ concept right now includes your DJ and supported by instrumentalists like saxophone and bongos. Want to have the coolest party around? This is it! (Side note – we love Sincopa Trio, check them out!)

9. For girls, get your hair and make-up done!
It’s a special occasion and you want to look amazing! This party is all about you and you want to feel as fabulous. You only turn 21 once!

Image Credit: FreeStocks

10. For guys, get a haircut and why not go to the barbers for a steam and shave?
It’s a ritual of manhood and just like above… This party is all about you and you want to feel as fabulous. You only turn 21 once!

11. Have filling and delicious food
There’s nothing worse than being at a party and being hungry. If your guests are drinking it’s also important to continue food service during the night. Why not have right on trend food stations? Live paella cooking, burrito carts, fried chicken baskets or antipasti grazing tables are as much about the experience as the dining and add a unique and modern touch!

Image Credit: Heather Schwartz

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At The Epping Club, we are Sydney’s leading 21st birthday party venue. Let us host the party of your dreams without the stress and worry of a party in your own home. Our glamorous ballroom is the perfect setting for a night to remember… you only turn 21 once!

Contact the dedicated staff at The Epping Club now and start planning a 21st birthday celebration you will never forget!