Amazing School Formals in the Hills District

Amazing School Formals in the Hills District

Your formal is a once in a lifetime opportunity to go for the best of everything – amazing dresses, limousines, gourmet food and a whole lot of dancing! If you are involved in planning your school formal in the Hills District, you want to make sure it’s a formal to impress! A formal should definitely have the ‘wow’ factor. It should be an event that will be treasured and remembered fondly for the rest of your life. So how exactly can you make sure your formal in the Hills District is perfect in every way? Here’s four little considered tips to help you make an informed decision!

There should be plenty of photo opportunities

When you’re celebrating you want to take lots of pictures – and there needs to be that perfect location for the perfect image! The Epping Club has the most stylish entrance for your grand arrival, a dramatic staircase and grand chandelier for all your Facebook worthy photos. There’s also our expert team adept at installing gorgeous décor and bringing your desired style to the event space. Put this all together and you have an entire night of memorable photos with the perfect backdrop everywhere you turn. Every photo will be one you want to share!

There should be plenty of choice in how you arrive and leave the formal

Lots of people love the glamour of a grand arrival but not everyone will want to arrive in a fancy car or limousine. Choosing a formal venue with easy access to the train station or bus stop is important. Having all modes of transport means you won’t regret having that convenience at the end of the night no matter where you are headed afterwards!

The venue should have staff who are up-to-date in today’s trends

The last thing you want is a stuffy, old-fashioned venue attempting to cater to young adults trying to have a good time. Make sure the event staff at your chosen venue are up-to-date on school formal trends. It’s also handy if they can put you in touch with all the best DJs, photo booth companies and other entertainment providers in the Hills District. It’ll cut your research time in half, giving you more time to focus on the rest of the details.

Does your venue provide safety?

An impressive formal is going to be one that’s remembered for all the right reasons. Ask about the security provided by the venue and make sure they have a service that ensures uninvited persons aren’t let into the event. It can only take one or two unwanted guests to change the atmosphere of a party. Security on the door and inside the event will ensure your guests will feel safe and confident that nobody is going to ruin their good time. Now you know four of our best-kept tips to what you need to make your school formal the best in the Hills district! You can’t go past The Epping Club for the perfect choice when it comes to making your celebration a night to remember! Contact us today to book a tour or find out more about our fabulous School Formal packages.