Indian Weddings Sydney: 6 Planning Tips For Your Event

Indian Weddings Sydney: 6 Planning Tips For Your Event

Getting married? Planning a ceremony? Start your marriage in style!

Planning a large wedding can be stressful! There’s only one way to remove the panic – call in the experts! Sydney’s Epping Club is your five star Indian wedding venue. Let us share a few tips on how to make your planning a little more enjoyable…

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What you need to know to plan a stress free Indian wedding

Firstly, you are not alone! Regardless of your race, your culture and your love; wedding planning is a stressful time for every couple. There are so many factors that need to be considered, here’s a few to consider:  

  • Venue – The venue should create an atmosphere that is sophisticated and stylish. Ideally it will impress your guests from the start of the ceremony to the very last ritual of the event.

    The size of the location is also crucial as families play such an important role in Indian weddings and lives. This means there will be a large amount of guests to cater for in addition to providing a room big enough to perform rituals.

  • Style – Decide whether you and your soon to be husband or wife are going to unite in a modern or traditional ceremony. Indian style weddings are typically long and conservative, while the modern day wedding is generally much shorter with less rituals. Whichever you decide, ensure the venue is aware of your option.

  • Cultural requirementsIndian weddings are full of culture and rituals. These are a crucial part of planning a traditional Indian wedding and the venue should understand and accommodate these needs. A wedding that is expert in this field will be far easier to work with and be more understanding in meeting your every need!

  • Menu – While not every Indian is a vegetarian, it is an increasingly popular choice.  There’s also foods specific to Northern and Southern regions. Ensuring your venue understands your menu requirements for religious reasons, preference and allergies is truly important. In addition to this, confirm your chef is well versed in the specific region of Indian cuisine you desire and is aware of any ingredient limitations.  An amazing feast is the best way to celebrate your new lives together and joining of your families – make sure your venue knows just how important food is to your big day!

  • Rituals – In a traditional Indian wedding, there are many beautiful rituals that are performed to unite the bride, groom and their families. Make sure you have expressed with the venue what rituals are taking place so they can ensure minimal disruptions throughout the event as well as support you in logistics, planning and items you may need.

  • Music – Music plays a huge part in any wedding and many Indian weddings have a mix of traditional Indian tunes and popular new release songs. Decide whether you will have a jukebox, band or an alternative form of entertainment.  Ask your wedding stylist for their recommendations for the best of the best – nothing gets the party started quicker than amazing music!

Planning an Indian wedding in Sydney? You need glamour!

Image Credit: Stuck in a Moment Photography. See more of Renusha & Joel’s Indian Wedding at the Epping Club here

When planning a wedding it is important to delegate with friends and family where possible to reduce the amount of work you are required to do. You already have a lot on your hands so let the Epping Club take care of making your special day as perfect as it can be!

For the best Indian weddings Sydney has to offer, call the friendly and professional events team at the Epping Club today on 02 9876 4357. They will not disappoint!

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Image: Lightyear Studio via Maharani Weddings.
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