Indian Wedding Traditions

Indian Wedding Traditions

Upholding Traditions & Keeping Them Alive

Want the perfect traditional wedding? You don’t compromise on location or culture, you can have it all at The Epping Club!

Finding an immaculate venue that can offer everything you need from start to finish can be difficult to accomplish, particularly when it is a religious or cultural affair. Venues that cater to large multicultural weddings are often hard to find but they are out there – it’s time to call of the search!

Did you know (or will you incorporate) any of these Indian wedding traditions?
  • The wedding is broken into three parts. The pre-wedding is held the night prior to the nuptials and consists of the Pandit conducting a prayer wishing the pair a successful marriage. Both sides of the family join together on this fun filled night to meet, dance and start the festivities. The wedding which is the ceremony and the post-wedding. This is when the bride leaves the venue to move out of her parents’ house and into her new husbands’ home. This is generally a very emotional time.
  • The bride’s parents give her away but do not eat prior to the wedding to remain pure. The giving away of daughters is called Kanyadaan and is a crucial part of the wedding.
  • The wedding ceremony takes 3 hours in addition to several smaller rituals before and after the main affair. Indian weddings begin when the groom arrives, this is when the fun begins.
  • The mother of the bride must perform an Aarti when entering the venue of the wedding.
  • There are often games involved in the ceremony to lighten the mood.
  • There is always an extensive range of dishes, these are typically vegetarian.
  • During the ceremony, the groom applies vermillion to the brides’ forehead. This is the first time she will have had it and it is a sign that they will be together for life.

There are so many more traditions that are followed and are important to the unification of the bride, groom and their families. These often vary from region to region but for the most part a traditional Indian wedding is similar to a fun, energetic festival.  A venue that wants to understand the traditions that are important to you and assist you in celebrating them is so important in deciding your ideal wedding location!

What to look for in a 5 star Indian wedding venue

When deciding on a wedding venue in North West Sydney, you want it to be stylish, large in size and consist of refined decor. It should be an upmarket location that expresses to your guests you are proud, honoured and want to begin your marriage in style. A modern yet culturally aware venue is more likely to offer sophistication and elegance while ensuring your commands and desires are adhered to.

It is crucial that your venue understands the complexity of each ritual, belief and cultural tradition before you agree to hold your wedding there. The chef should be well experienced in Indian cuisine and comprehends the dietary requirements for catering and the staff should be efficient, friendly and make your special day on to be remembered.

The Epping Club in Sydney understands and appreciates the beauty and importance of traditional Indian weddings, so please call today to discuss how we can make your day perfect!


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