Italian Weddings: The Epping Club Explains Popular Traditions

Italian Weddings: The Epping Club Explains Popular Traditions

Italian wedding traditions have been celebrated by people for centuries all around the world!

Do you love the idea of incorporating tradition and culture into your big day?


Whether you are wanting a completely traditional wedding, or just want to uphold a few chosen Italian traditions to honour your heritage, these guidelines from our event experts will help guide you in your planning.


A traditional Italian ceremony

Traditionally speaking, Italian wedding ceremonies are held in a church.

When planning a date for your big day, it is important to recognise that certain times of the year are off limits. Italian wedding ceremonies are not to be held during Lent or Advent. The month of May is also forbidden, as it is dedicated to the Virgin Mary. August is said to symbolise bad luck and sickness, so is also considered ill-timed for a wedding.

You may be surprised to find that some popular wedding customs today were derived from Italian wedding culture. Italian wedding traditions during the ceremony include:

  • Throw confetti – Symbolising money, fertility and prosperity, confetti is showered over the newlyweds as they exit the church.
  • Release doves – A pair of doves are sometimes released as a symbol of happiness and love.
  • Tie a ribbon – A ribbon tied above the church entrance symbolises that a wedding is taking place.
  • Smash a glass – A glass is smashed at completion of the ceremony, with the number of shards said to represent the number of years a couple will be together.
  • Metals – The groom is recommended to keep a piece of iron in his pocket.

The reception

Italian wedding tradition has additional customs to recognise throughout the reception, including:

Hold a cocktail hour – Guests are treated to cocktails and kept separate from the bridal party at the beginning of the reception.

Band - A band is hired to perform traditional Italian songs.

Decorations – Flowers and ribbons are used lavishly to decorate the venue.

First dance – The first dance is traditionally reserved for the bride and groom, followed by the bridal party.


An Italian Feast

One of the most eloquent and much loved parts of Italian Wedding Traditions is, of course, the food!

Italian weddings focus on a traditional cuisine, typically starting with antipasto delicacies.

A variety of breads, pastas, fruits, salads, meats and desserts follow, spread out over a number of courses.

Symbolic wedding foods can also be included if desired, and are usually included with the desserts.


The Epping Club – The Multicultural Wedding Specialists

When it comes to choosing a location for your reception on your big day, it is essential to find a venue that understands and respects your traditions.


The Epping Club is a 5 Star venue located in North Western Sydney. Our superb facilities and mouth-watering cuisines have established us a firm favourite for weddings and events of all sizes!


Our experienced and dedicated staff specialise in catering to large scale and multicultural wedding events. Whatever your requirements, we are here to help make your wedding dreams a reality!


The Epping Club can customise a menu that compliments your customs, and will work with you to create a tailor made experience that fulfils all your Italian wedding traditions!


Find out more about our multicultural wedding options here.



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