Hosting A Meeting In North Ryde or North Western Sydney

Hosting A Meeting In North Ryde or North Western Sydney

It’s time to plan, book and prepare for that all too important business meeting.

The only questions you need to ask now are; where can you find a professional, yet modern and stylish boardroom to hire in North West Sydney? And what should a desirable venue include? There is not just one feature that makes a meeting or conference location ideal, there are several.

Features that make a great venue the perfect location for business meetings

A business meeting requires more than just a large table and chairs. It should offer so much more than a simple space to discuss ideas and strategies. Here are just some of the important features:

  • Room size – Conference rooms should be flexible in size and offer break out spaces when possible. Variations in room sizes are important; if you only have 30 clients attending a meeting, you will not require a room that caters to 200 guests and vice versa. Break out areas allow a peaceful and more relaxed space for delegates to chat during intermissions.
  • Technology – It is crucial that all audio visual equipment is new, working and has the applicable support available. At bare minimum, your board room should include a microphone, white board, projector, laser pointer and if possible dimmable lights. 
  • Stylish décor - The venue should have stylish and sophisticated décor that offers a modern and yet professional ambience. Clients should be impressed from the minute they step foot into the venue as this sets the tone for the entire meeting / conference.
  • Transport – Keep in mind the logistics of attendee travel when deciding on your venue. A great location will have sufficient on-site parking and be close to public transport, such as train lines, bus stops and taxi ranks.
  • Catering – Odds are your meeting will last for hours and it is important you cater to your clients. If your delegates are hungry or thirsty throughout the session, you will lose their attention and risk missing out on that highly sought after deal. A five star venue will provide high quality food that is relevant to your meeting and your clients. Beverages should also be provided and refilled as desired by highly skilled catering staff.  
  • Privacy - Every meeting room should offer the presenter and their guest’s privacy and discretion. This can be a crucial factor when discussing embargoed releases and ideas. Your meeting should be able to take place without prying eyes or interruptions.         

Start your conference on the right foot and impress further as your meeting progresses. Hosting a meeting is stressful enough without having to worry you have remembered all the finer details. Let the professional and skilled staff at the Epping Club worry about your boardroom hire in North Ryde!

Give the team a call today for packages, room options and discuss how they can make your next board room hire in North Western Sydney a success!