What makes a good corporate Christmas party venue?

What makes a good corporate Christmas party venue?

Looking for a corporate Christmas party venue in North Western Sydney? Here are 4 things to look for in choosing the right location for your team!

Being responsible for organising the corporate Christmas party can be a challenging job! The boss has set a budget, the staff have big expectations and your good reputation will be dirt if everyone doesn’t have a great night! Of course there’s someone who wants the venue to be near public transport, 5 people who need vegetarian meals and HR wants to make sure that alcohol service will be handled appropriately!

Pressure much? 


But the Epping Club’s expert Events Team is here to share with you four important things to look for in choosing the perfect office Christmas party venue this year!

A Corporate Christmas party venue that offers all-inclusive packages

If the boss is happy everyone’s happy! If your corporate Christmas party is on a budget (like most!) it’s a relief to find a venue that offers transparent packages that are both value-for-money and affordable. All-inclusive packages mean there are no extra costs and with the food, beverages, music and decorations all included you can rest-easy that you have less to organise! Let a professional venue handle the logistics for you!

A Sydney corporate Christmas party venue that’s located centrally and near public transport

For offices located in North Western Sydney, Macquarie Business Park or the Hills District a corporate Christmas party in the city is not ideal. Staff often live near where they work and an easily accessible location with parking is preferable. Finding a corporate Christmas party that services the local area but has that glamorous, city feel is a great yet also convenient compromise. Of course for those who wish to get home safely without driving or ‘party on’ into the city a venue that’s located right near public transport is an added bonus! 

A Sydney corporate Christmas party venue that is impressive and on-brand

Even if the budget is constrained your staff and clients deserve the respect and recognition of a stylish, impressive Christmas party. A Christmas party is a great team and morale booster and also reflects your company’s brand so it’s important to choose a venue that contributes positively to your messaging. A contemporary venue with quality food, five-star service and elegant décor will long be remembered by your staff well after final drinks has been called!  

A corporate Christmas party that’s safe and appropriate

The modern office environment demands that as a business you facilitate your corporate Christmas party in a safe and responsible way. A venue that understands your staff want to have fun and celebrate yet must also drink responsibly (and get home safely!) is the intelligent choice for any company. A corporate event venue that will work with you to ensure this outcome makes sure your HR Team experience a stress free night!  

If you are charged with organising your Sydney corporate Christmas party – we wish you good luck! For more information on hosting a corporate Christmas party at The Epping Club please don’t hesitate to view the website or contact Sara Ganley, Corporate Events Expert.