Hosting your AGM in North Western Sydney

Hosting your AGM in North Western Sydney

Organising the AGM for your business can seem an overwhelming task, but it doesn’t have to be!
Finding a venue that can take care of all of your requirements will leave you able to focus on other aspects of your event, without the stress of running around organising details at the last minute.
So many venues claim to be conferencing or meeting experts, so how do you find the one most suited to your requirements?
We have compiled a list of requirements for your venue on the big day.

A suitable space

  • Finding a place that can cater to your group size is the first step in finding a suitable venue for your next AGM. Most venues have minimum and maximum group requirements to cater for in their establishment, and larger groups may find that the large space they require can be a challenge.
  • The Epping Club has a range of facilities to cater for groups of all sizes; whether you have 4 guests or 600 guests we can cater to our corporate client’s needs.

Modern AV equipment

  • Businesses looking to host their AGM’S in North Western Sydney often have one thing in common – a need for high quality, modern audio visual technology.
  • To assist in the smooth operations of your AGM, ensure that your function room is fully equipped with all the necessary technological requirements you need. Things to look for include free wireless internet connection, data projection, web casting and video conferencing facilities, as well as any extra requirements you need on the day such as microphones, lecterns, whiteboards etc.
  • There’s nothing worse than preparing for a presentation, only to find you don’t have the necessary equipment to present it with!
  • A quality venue, with state of the art facilities and 5 star service can save massive headaches on the day of your AGM.

Stylish, corporate décor

  • The AGM is an important event on any business calendar. Make it one worth remembering in a sophisticated venue, with an emphasis on corporate business needs.
  • Deliver your key messages for your AGM in a professional business setting, with your every need taken care of.
  • Find a venue that reflects on your brand, with a classy location and impeccable standard of service that your members won’t forget!


  • 5 star service is nothing without suitable catering options. Choose a venue that meets your needs and delivers refreshments in a prompt, efficient manner that fits your schedule.
  • AGM’s in North Western Sydney need to be held in a central location. You will likely be organising a large group of people, so look for a venue with public transport options close by and easily accessible for your members to attend with ease. 

The Epping Club – For all your AGM needs

Contact The Epping Club today for your next AGM in North Western Sydney. Our dedicated events team are at the ready to take care of all the details of your next AGM, with an unrivaled 5 star service that is guaranteed to delight!