What makes a good conferencing break out space?

What makes a good conferencing break out space?
Sitting in a conference room all day can cause serious brain-drain for event delegates. That’s why good break out spaces are a vital part of any conference venue.

Whether they’re used for group work or dining, the best break out spaces can change the mood and inspire collaboration and be a breath of fresh air (literally!) in a busy conference schedule.

The benefits of a great break out space include:

  • Increased collaboration and interaction between employees
  • Reduces stress and mental fatigue by having space where delegates can get away from their ‘work’, and be rejuvenated and re-energised
  • Increases conference value including participation, enthusiasm happiness, and morale
  • Changing the mood for a fresher approach to afternoon sessions after breaking and dining
  • Multi-use space – therefore reducing need for room bookings, combating rising leasing costs
  • Build team dynamics with a relaxed and casual format for mingling and communicating

If you’re booking a multi-room event here’s what to look for in your break out spaces:

  • Natural light, fresh air or an indoor-outdoor feel to change the mood
  • Configurable furniture for groups of all sizes
  • Suitable for dining while working to save time and costs
  • WIFI, AV and other event services via venue as required

The Epping Club’s verandah terrace is a great example of a break out space that ticks all the boxes. With natural light but protected from the weather it provides a change of scenery to keep your delegates fresh and enthusiastic. Perfect for group work, break out meetings or dining this is the ideal sub space to our Ballrooms or Grand Salon.

When you’re booking your next event be sure to think ‘outside’ the main event space. A true multi-room approach is required if you want to get the very best out of your conference and its attendees. Choose a venue which offers a great main event space and the flexibility of break out spaces that will inspire, excite and re-invigorate your delegates.